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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator Apr 21, 2016

  2. srsn Apr 11, 2016

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    probably Kat i don't remember doing any Kobato walls XD
    but she is like really busy
    she found a job but she works 12 hours a day so her social life is pretty much doomed, not to mention her creative life-__-

    WHAT!? 12hrs a day holy cow! Tell her not to stress herself too much.
    How about you? How are things there?

  3. KiyanaIkebana Apr 06, 2016

    Quote: yoruangel866
    Ah, Im okay
    not much going on
    trying to find a job
    reading books
    crying over newest chapter of kagerou project
    #is dead


    I am fine,thank you :3 trying to finish my "neverend" study...
    oh, I was hoping that you working on new work :D
    Nowadays it's hard to find a job, right? :( I hope you will find! or you had already found it? :) What work would you like?

    unfortunately, I do not know kagerou project. what is it about? :)
    I rather watch anime, because there aren't a good manga in my country :(

  4. srsn Apr 06, 2016

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    Quote by srsn Woah you are online!
    Thanks for the + fave on my Kitsune Wallpaper

    You are welcome :D
    And yeah :D i get on from time to time :D

    Tell your sis we still have a collab Kobato one or was that you? Hahaha

  5. srsn Apr 04, 2016

    Woah you are online!
    Thanks for the + fave on my Kitsune Wallpaper

  6. KiyanaIkebana Mar 18, 2016

    Quote: yoruangel866
    Wow, I love the choice of colors!
    And also, that London in the background? Fantastic!

    Thank you a lot for your comment and Fav! :)
    I am happy , that you are online. How are you? :)

  7. Tannhauser Jan 19, 2016

    thank for the fav

  8. bloodD Oct 29, 2015

    Quote by YoruAngel866This is amazing and also fantastic coloring style.
    You put a lot of thought into this :)

    Thank you.

  9. KiyanaIkebana Aug 05, 2015

    Quote: yoruangel866
    Your vectors are always so well done and gorgeous <3
    I just love how you did Sakura, and also, a bit darker color scheme suits her so damn good ^_^
    Thank you for your fav and lovely comment! <3 Your comment makes me very very happy ^_^ Thank you a lot!

  10. elisadevelon Moderator Mar 28, 2015

    Thank you for the favs on my walls! :D

    Zurück an die Arbeit! by elisadevelon Thirst by elisadevelon

  11. Painter Mar 28, 2015

    Quote by YoruAngel866 This is so beautiful. I love everything about it, and i love how you payed attention to details. Really gorgeous vectoring. I believe this deserves to be highlighted as well!

    Thanks a lot :DD It's really so inspiring when people like your works and write constructive feedback <3 Glad you noticed this work :)
    Thanks for your opinion and support ^-^

  12. Tsasu Mar 28, 2015

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    Quote by Tsasu

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    Quote by Tsasu So Tokyo Ghoul has a sequel now, is that consider a filler?

    I like languages specially French and Japanese , Russian to be cause it's sounds so strong and formal.
    What's your own language and do you have any favorite language?

    Yeah, it has a sequel.
    Manga sequel is called :RE and it's not a filler, it's a direct continuation, but CCG perspective this time.
    Anime sequel is called Root A and it will differ from the manga story, but the scenario will still be written by original author.

    My language is somewhat similar to russian. It's called Serbian. You can listen to my language here. hmmmm my fav languages would be German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Norwegian :D
    What about you?

    I really need to finish watching Tokyo Ghoul , so new anime show's are out did any caught your interest?

    Your right there is some similarity in the language between Serbian and Russian , that music video was nice sadly i couldn't understand it but it sound it good.
    Nice choice , hmm let's see for me it would be Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean and of cores French i don't know what is it about that language but it just sounds so sexy and sweet lol i know pretty weird.

    Yeah finish it :D

    Except for Akatsuki no Yona, not so many. I really am not interested in anything else, well,except for Death Parade

    its a beautiful song :D

    French huh? i studied it in elementary school but i already forgot it because i had no one to practice it with

    I am actually on the Second season of Tokyo Ghoul , so far it's getting really interesting. Not sure how far you are so i wont spoil anything.

    I've seen some previews of Death Parade but haven't had the chance to watch it my self, specially now that we are getting new anime show's.
    Haven't seen which ones' there are but i am sure there are some interesting ones.

    Not many people speak French were you live , i tried learning it once but my school didn't have a class for it yet again this was a few years ago.

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